Top Sales Email Strategy: Personalized Emails vs Bulk Emails

A Persistent Question

At Dubb, we are obsessed with all things marketing. Yes, video is our bread and butter. Every day, we create our own video content and discuss the power of video marketing to accomplish business goals.

Some Key Considerations for Both Personalized and Bulk Emails

Because of this, we want to be clear about which emails we should be consistently sending. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

The Power of Semi-Personalized Messaging and Video Emails

So how do you settle this debate of personalized videos vs. bulk videos?

Don’t Forget a Call to Action

Finally, when you are sending personalized emails or bulk emails, you are going to want to include some type of call to action (“CTA”). The CTA is an important feature in this personalized emails vs. bulk emails debate because it gets your audience, whoever they may be, to take some additional step or action. An example of this on a Dubb action page can be seen below:

  • Reply with video: Reply with video is another great CTA that lets your audience members leverage the power of video. Instead of needing to type out a lengthy response to your email and video, that audience member can record a video of their own. This is also a great way to gather video testimonials, which you can then use in your own marketing work.
  • Communicate through Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger may not be at the top of mind when communicating with audience members, yet it can be a great CTA. Some of your audience members may find it more convenient to communicate through Facebook. Giving them this opportunity through a CTA may make them more likely to respond to your video and start a conversation.
  • Download a white paper or eBook: This can be a great CTA if your video or email content is more at the introductory stage. In other words, if you are sending content to the top of your funnel, your audience may want to learn more details about your product, service, or how your company solves common issues in their lives. Directing their attention to a white paper or eBook can accomplish that goal.
  • Make a purchase: This is one of the most exciting CTAs that you can offer. Whether you are selling a product or service, you can include a CTA button that lets your audience easily make that purchase. This is most valuable at the bottom of your funnel, but there may be circumstances where you want to include this CTA earlier in your audience relationship.

Capitalizing on This Top Sales Email Strategy

So when thinking about this debate of personalized emails vs. bulk emails, I hope you can see that there are plenty of nuances. There are certainly pros and cons to both personalized emails and bulk emails. And as I discussed, there is also a third way of sending semi-personalized emails to your audience. You have all of these tools at your fingertips, so I encourage you to take advantage of all of them.




Follow to be uplifted, founder of, currently looking for his next Taco Tuesday. Connect on IG/TW/FB/YT at @rubendua. Learn more about Dubb at

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Ruben Dua

Ruben Dua

Follow to be uplifted, founder of, currently looking for his next Taco Tuesday. Connect on IG/TW/FB/YT at @rubendua. Learn more about Dubb at

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