The One Strategy Every Sales Leader Should Know!

Why Video Communication is So Important

At Dubb, we are true believers in the power of video. Video communication isn’t exactly new, yet it continues to provide massive value to small and large businesses alike.

Applying Video Communication to Sales

This entire discussion is especially important in the sales context. No matter what product or service that you are selling, you must create a positive relationship with your prospect. At a minimum, it has to be a positive short-term relationship, but the real key is making it into a positive long-term relationship.

Take Advantage of Dubb

So as you can see, the one strategy that every sales leader should know centers on the power of video. Video can be just the thing that your team needs to accomplish your sales and marketing goals.

  • Dubb Video Landing Pages: Video landing pages are so powerful because they are a central hub for your video content. Dubb automatically gives you a video landing page for every video and you’re able to customize that page as you see fit.
  • Calls to Action: On your Dubb video landing pages, you can take advantage of many calls to action. These calls to action can help you move prospects down your sales funnel, thereby increasing your odds of generating more sales. Some of the calls to action that you can leverage include completing a form, scheduling a call on your calendar, or even reaching out to your company via Facebook Messenger.
  • Plenty of Integrations: By becoming a Dubb user, you get to use a wealth of integrations. Whether you are working in your favorite CRM, social media platform, or email client, you can easily access Dubb’s many features.
  • Detailed Analytics: Dubb gives you granular data about your videos’ performance. Whether you want to get a general sense of how a video is doing or whether a specific prospect has watched some (or all) of a video, you can do so with Dubb.

Taking Advantage of This Strategy

As you can see, this one strategy that every sales leader should know is all about connecting with others through the power of video. Video can do so many things — whether it is staying in touch with an important customer, showing a new prospect how you can offer value, or simply updating your audience on key changes in your sector or industry.




Follow to be uplifted, founder of, currently looking for his next Taco Tuesday. Connect on IG/TW/FB/YT at @rubendua. Learn more about Dubb at

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Ruben Dua

Ruben Dua

Follow to be uplifted, founder of, currently looking for his next Taco Tuesday. Connect on IG/TW/FB/YT at @rubendua. Learn more about Dubb at

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